Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's on!


The Rays go south to Fort Myers today to play the Red Sox, with Chris Archer on the mound for his first spring start.

The Rays have a lot of regulars playing:  DeJesus LF, Escobar SS,  Loney 1b, Myers DH Joyce rf,  Forsythe 3b,  Sean-Rod 2b,  Molina c,  Kiermaier cf,  Archer p

So do the Sox, sort of: Sizemore CF,  Pedroia 2B,  Ortiz DH,  Napoli 1B,  Gomes LF,  Bogaerts SS, Middlebrooks 3B,  Hassan RF,  Butler C,  Buchholz P
Except I still think of Gomes as the great Ray he was.

Time to start the Fantasy Draft. Oy. Do you take Granderson, even though he's a Met?? And Jeter, what's that going to be like? Can Cano play in the northwest? With a beard? Without DJ?

UPDATE:  Won it, 8-0. Nice.