Saturday, August 3, 2013

This guy just keeps shooting himself in the foot...

Or maybe it's the butt. So tired of this story already.  Should add on extra suspension games for talking about it to the media.  MLB not any better, Selig still sux, better make all this "evidence" public, so we know why we the fans have been so brutalized. And Yankees ripped off.

To me, email, phone messages, and appointment books sound like circumstantial evidence. Needles with DNA or camera footage seems more real. Or a confession. Players' Assn needs to fix this too... doesn't make them look any better that MLB can impose sanctions outside the contract. Why are grown men & U.S. govt spending all this time and money on this issue? It's not like they're losing money or anything... It's not like the NFL or NBA doesn't have these problems either. It's just the new pharmacological reality of sports. I don't mind, it's their bodies.