Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We wuz robbed!

Here it is... even the other team thought it was a ball...  One wonders, since it ended up being Joe Nathan's 300th save, if the umps just wanted to give it to him last night.
 It's the red one, outside the lower left hand corner of the box. That's the called "strike."  

I'll let this guy tell the sob story.
What really galls is that the ump admits the bad call the next day, when nothing can be done about it. I say, bottom of the 9th, potential for changing the score, 2 outs.... use the freakin' replay.  I know the umps are a "wild card" part of the game, but flagrant miscalls against one side and not the other is just plain cheating. And we know how much MLB cares about that!

Plus... Niemann's out. Whew.