Friday, March 22, 2013

Real live Rays/Orioles game today!

Film at 11.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Okay, got my fantasy teams...

The RayRays  (hand-picked)
John Jaso  C/U
James Loney  1B/U
Jeff Keppinger  1B/2B/3B/U
Evan Longoria  3B/U
Yunel Escobar  SS/U
Ben Zobrist  2B/SS/OF/U
Desmond Jennings  OF/U
Matt Joyce  OF/U
Kelly Shoppach C/U
Carl Crawford  OF/U
Luke Scott  1B/U
Ryan Roberts 2B/3B/U
Sean Rodriguez  2B/3B/SS/U
Wil Myers  OF/U
P: Tampa Bay Rays;  Baltimore Orioles
Outta Here  (autoselected)
Wilin Rosario  C/U
Albert Pujols 1B/U
Chase Utley  2B/U
Adrian Beltre  3B/U
Elvis Andrus  SS/U
Alfonso Soriano  OF/U
Michael Saunders  OF/U
Yoenis Cespedes  OF/U
Mike Moustakas  3B/U
Carl Crawford  OF/U
Russell Martin  C/U
Alejandro De Aza  OF/U
Tyler Colvin  1B/OF/U
Anthony Rizzo  1B/U
P:  Kansas City Royals; Tampa Bay Rays
 Dalians (autoselected after hand-picked rankings)
John Jaso C/U
Mark Trumbo  1B/OF/U
Dan Uggla  2B/U
Evan Longoria  3B/U
Derek Jeter  SS/U
Mike Morse  OF/U
Ben Zobrist  2B/SS/OF/U
Brett Gardner  OF/U
Alexei Ramirez  SS/U
Carl Crawford  OF/U
Justin Ruggiano  OF/U
Nick Markakis  OF/U
Matt Joyce  OF/U
Wil Myers  OF/U
P:  Toronto Blue Jays;  Baltimore Orioles
What do we see here?  I'm biased toward the American League East (you've seen the best, who cares about the rest?); once a Ray, always a Ray; no Red Sox, ever (except when Johnny Damon became a Yankee, then a Ray, so his Boston mojo got wiped); I totally believe that Carl Crawford is a superior baseball player & I always want him on my team (except when he was a Red Sox) -- if he can only get healed, he's got many more great years in front of him.  And always Ben Zobrist (Zorilla forever!)