Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saw Rays play Marlins 6/17/11 in Tampa

Here I am at another Rays - Marlins game again, Friday, June 17. Was not anticipating any vuvuzuelas at this one... cowbells mostly. Even though we were dragged out from the drive, we got to the Trop right before five, so we could see batting practice. I got a 2010 AL East Division championship hat and a couple of extra pounds I didn't need. J scored 4th row seats behind the dugout on the first base side, which some season ticket holder had offered on StubHub for a not-unthinkable amount of money and really, they were worth it. Check out the photo show below... I didn't have to leave my seat for any of those shots. Plus, Rays won, the Marlins manager was ejected (a few days later, he quit entirely!), saw some incredible BJ catches, Longo plays, Zobie thrillers, HRs, RBIs, The Legend of Sam Fuld, and Todd! I know, what a geek. It's weird, what fun feels like to me now.

Rays - Marlins June 2011

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