Saturday, May 14, 2011

The end is not THAT near...

The Ends Nears for the Yankees' Core .
While this story has more than a few germs of truth, I don't think the end is that near.  Although Cashman should have gotten Lee or another ace, maybe gone for Garza, who's at least young and good. And Posada's coming to work everyday only to find his desk is all cleared off and he's looking for a way to still make a meaningful contribution. Well, coaching the youngsters & getting that bat out would be just fine for a final curtain. It must feel awful to have to say, "Gee, I should have retired last year." Not to mention the distressing personal numbers. Jeter is notoriously discreet about aches, pains, and real injuries, but he ought to realize that you don't heal at 37 the way you did at 22. You may have to get off it for a while. Mariano Rivera will --- well, I think you'll need to carry him off the mound, prying his fingers from the seams.