Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twitter Groundswell

The Legend of Sam Fuld lives on!

What? Just because the guy hit for the megacycle, made some more of those killer catches, in his old stomping grounds (Fenway) in front of gathered friends and family, now gathering steam as the Manny replacement?

Stanford, married, diabetic, cute, blue-eyed, New Englander, statistician, dad, and very cool baseball player.

(Because Superman sleeps in Sam Fuld t-shirts.)
So, not really missing Manny anymore, who cares, got me a new LF, who's keener than you.

Won again tonight, only by one, but Farnsie & Peralta held it together for DavidPrice. Loved Damon's smile to the cameras as he trotted around the bases at Fenway, 1st pitch HR off Dice-Man (now he's on ice, man.)

Yanks rained out.  Feels great to be out of the basement.

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