Saturday, April 9, 2011

Here's the thing... then this other thing

UpdateMarc Topkin in Tampa reports: "Because Ramirez retired, the Rays paid only $87,912 of his $2 million salary."  Not a bad gig.

I am resisting this reality so much, even though several unnamed sources said it was definitely a PED. Even with all his past hijinks & personality quirks, I did not think he was so stupid or arrogant. That's why I kept thinking it was a different type of drug. I'm letting go of the viagra explanation too.   Probably because I was looking forward to him helping my team. If he had no more pop, then that's one thing. To show yourself to be a stupid idiot is another. And I hate being duped by someone I "trusted."  If I'm so messed up about it, the guys in the locker room must really be off-balance (which shows in their hitting).
It didn't have to be roids. It could have been pot, or heroin, or simple possession or failure to show up. Or Sudafed or an anonymous tip from someone in the AL East who might not want the Rays to win this year.

Here's the MLB drug policy, according to Wikipedia.
Under the policy, all players are prohibited from using, possessing, selling, facilitating the sale of, distributing, or facilitating the distribution of any Drug of Abuse and/or Steroid. Any and all drugs or substances listed under Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act are considered drugs of abuse covered by the Program.
So basically, you're toast if you do anything with anything, even if your legit doctor prescribes it legitimately for you (cf. Pettitte's elbow healing shot). I notice really a lot of anti-diarrheals on the list. Something seems weird here... Manny is not really that stupid a guy.

One story I read said that Manny came to camp really buff. He had to have had a physical by the Rays and a drug test before they contracted to pay him $2M.  He could not have completely revamped his body between 1/22/11, when the deal was announced and 2/14/11 (or so) when Spring Training started. So he was rebuilding at the end of 2010, hoping to get a job, then got one; Rays would have tested him for the contract. Then everyone gets tested once during Spring Training, especially people who have been in The Program. So either someone wanted him out, or the THC didn't clear his pee in time.

I could easily see it not being a PED (he was already having an abysmal season, so no enhancement there), but being something else, and his not wanting to deal with any of it anymore.  Oh, wait, look what I just found at ESPN Desportes:
By Enrique Rojas  ESPNdeportes.comBOSTON -- Los medicamentos que consumió para mejorar el rendimiento sexual después de someterse a una vasectomía en noviembre pudieron tener un rol en el positivo a sustancias que condujo al sorpresivo retiro del béisbol de Manny Ramírez, dijo a una fuente relacionada al pelotero.
"Manny se sometió a una vasectomía para no tener más hijos. El procedimiento ocurrió en noviembre", dijo la fuente.
"El inconveniente fue que la operación afectó en parte su capacidad para tener relaciones sexuales adecuadas y entonces se sometió a un tratamiento con medicamentos que contienen sustancias que están prohibidas por el béisbol", agregó la fuente. 
(Translation by Google:)  BOSTON - The drugs consumed to enhance sexual performance after a vasectomy in November could have a positive role in the substance that led to the surprise retirement Baseball Manny Ramirez told a source connected to player. "Manny underwent a vasectomy to avoid having more children. The procedure took place in November," said the source."The downside was that the operation affected in part their ability to have good sex and then underwent treatment with medicines that contain substances that are prohibited by baseball," the source added.
Can't really blame the guy for not wanting to parade this in public. And he's choosing sex over beisbol ... and the Hall of Fame. I can dig it. I'm going with this explanation.  

(Ok, I posted on the Baseball Nerd's blog. Why should I be the only one to know this?)