Saturday, April 30, 2011

BEN ZOBRIST -- My Player of the Week

Yes, it's Zorilla, Ben Zobrist, for finding himself, his swing, his place (anyplace & everyplace) on the field, for giving all the credit to #TheLegendofSamFuld, and for single-handedly yanking my three fantasy teams out of their respective dumpsters and winning their match-ups this week. Well, I don't exactly know yet, but at least one -- RAYRAYS -- will snap a bad 0-4 start streak, which is long overdue. Speaking of Long Overdue, the guy who wouldn't trade me Evan Longoria dumped him the other day & I'm hoping to get him off waivers so he'll be all mine when he gets back in the rotation, perhaps as early as Tuesday. Then I'll be long Longoria.

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