Monday, February 7, 2011

Performance anxiety?

Found details of Damon's performance-enhancing money deal here in the 2/1/11 Tampa Times.

....."We wanted this to happen," said Damon, who will make $5.25 million in base salary with a bonus tied to attendance to play left field and bat first or second in the order. He will receive a $150,000 attendance bonus if the Rays draw 1.75 million to the Trop and an additional $150,000 for 1.85 million, 1.95 million, 2.05 million and 2.15 million.....

.... Damon talked about how he and Ramirez are in better shape than a lot of the younger players in the major leagues. To prove it, Damon said he is willing to take off his shirt and flex. "My body is my temple," Damon said.

So the language is "draw... to the Trop." Ironically, Manny might be the draw!  Still, tickets sold, not necessarily bodies in seats, but if Damon's going to go around flaunting his holy body, you might see fans ramp up. If you flex it, they will come!


Anonymous said...

Seats always sell for NYY & BRSox. Now they both represent former Manny/Damon teams (always interesting to see those competitions, i.e., revenge served cold, knock one out, etc.), but also Crawford comes to town (Wheeler not so much). You know, since Boras represented both of them, this might have been his way of making Manny help Damon earn more! Last year, Rays held concerts after Saturday games to draw folks in; let’s see if these guys can do better than Kool & the Gang!

Anonymous said...

Damon's contract is worth $5.25 million plus incentives based on attendance, while Ramirez signed for $2 million.