Thursday, February 3, 2011

The AndyMan Can... but probably won't anymore

Not Petite Pettitte
Andy Pettitte Decides to Retire; tears tomorrow at 10:30

Andy Pettitte Retires Because of Heart, Not Arm
  • Update 2/4: Andy said Clemens and attendant circus had absolutely nothing to do with his decision. Okay. I'll go with what he says. He thought about it though, even just to figure where you might have to be when.
  • Update 2/10: I think we're going to see him again... wouldn't he be great as the Rays closer? Heheheh
Still surprised when these two stories broke on the same day?
1.  Clemens Waives Any Conflict Involving Attorney.  This is about when Roger 'n' Andy had the same lawyer for a couple of days, then Andy got his own, but Roger still has the one they shared and he's going to be allowed to cross-examine Andy at Roger's trial, because Andy says Roger told him he was taking roids and Roger says Andy mis-remembers the conversation.  So, put that together with family matters, pulled groin, elbow fears, and a team that does not include ClifFlea in its rotation and you have one poignantly-memorable freakin' Ace. Like here and here.

2. Some of McNamee's Claims Against Clemens Survive: still in RoidHell. Some went away, but smacktalk still around. This is so gross.

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