Friday, January 14, 2011

Yankees Sign Rafael Soriano

Well, I've been waiting for the Yanks to grab Rafael Soriano, so he can be the fill-in and/or replacemant Mariano. I sure hope the Rays took some batting practice against him so maybe they can hit him... I know he bamboozled the Red Sox, and that's always  a good thing. And all we got was a freakin' Farnsworth. Inconsistent weirdo. Oh, and a first round draft pick. Not bad, I guess if you're re-building your young pennant-winners, but jeez! Why do they all have to go to the A.L. East?? Answer:  Because that's where the money and the glory is. Bye, Rafael... you are one intense dude!

Update:  Apparently this was not a no-brainer for the NYY. Owners had to get involved. Wowsers!