Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bring it! Damon & Manny are Rays!

With Damon's bonuses tied to attendance! Woo-hoo!   This might be so cool! So we are apparently saying that

 1 Damon + 1 Manny + 1 Desmond Jennings = 1 Carl Crawford

Yeah, that works for me.

Psychologically, I think both of them will want to show up their former teams, especially Boston and Rays pitching and defense can help them do it. The phony turf will be hard on Damon's feet & knees, but his goofy scrappiness fits right in. Manny allegedly has an incredible batting work ethic, which could help the guys. Of course, with Pena's .190 average out of town, we can get back to hitting, instead of just sobbing.

So if Jaso or Upton lead off, then Damon bats 2nd, Evan 3rd and Manny 4th (if he's bringing it), there's still Zorilla, Brignac, Joyce, Johnson. Not too shabby. This team is not bad. They will do some damage on the way to 90 wins.

Now, if we only had a closer...