Thursday, December 9, 2010

I didn't think it would go down like this! Sh*T!

"The Boston Globe's Pete Abraham is reporting that the Boston Red Sox have closed a seven-year, $142M deal with free agent Carl Crawford. Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal is also reporting the deal. If true, it's a shocking turn of developments in the Carl Crawford saga. As recently as Wednesday, the Red Sox were barely a contender while the Yankees and Angels were considered front-runners. The deal would make Crawford the highest-paid outfielder of all-time and the contract is the ninth-biggest in MLB history. Crawford hit .307 with 19 HRs, 90 RBI, and 47 steals in 2010."

Joe Lemire over at SI writes: "Not only do the Red Sox claim the offseason's best available position player -- pending a physical, he comes at the princely sum of $142 million over seven years, the richest contract for an outfielder in history -- but they also keep him away from their competitors, seemingly without the competition even chiming in serious opposing bids."

Hmmm... looks like I might have had a premonition! (last line)

Here's my top 10 emotions on hearing this news.
  1. Crap. This sucks.
  2. Congratulations, Carl. Seven years is a long time and $142M is a lot of money. You earned it.
  3. Carl's too nice to play in Boston.
  4. Thought he was going to Angels. Torii too.
  5. Too bad he's still in the AL East.
  6. SI thinks this was a win-win -- get a great player while screwing the Yankees.
  7. Epstein beats Cashman and Friedman.
  8. This almost ruins baseball for me. Maybe I'll become a Marlins fan, because then you have no hope, no fear of success, no players, no crowds, nothing that can break your heart (Wayne Huizenga saw to that when he dismantled the Championship team like he was selling off worthless shares).
  9. I always try to get Carl on my fantasy team, but I refuse to have any Red Sox on my fantasy team. How am I supposed to reconcile these two absolutes? (Ans: Give up fantasy.)
  10. Carl doesn't look good in red.
  11. Crap. This sucks.