Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Demon Damon

No... Not this!   Uh, urp...

Yes!  This!  Johnny would be good! Though turf probably wouldn't help his knees and feet any. Still an older and Floridian presence on the team would be good; could coach Jennings in LF and make the pain of losing Carl to Boston ease a quadrillionth of an inch.  In fact, Johnny was an AL East jumper, when he went from RSox to Yanks, which really peeved the Boston fans. Not sure he's even been forgiven yet, by them. I was pretty sure he'd be ambivalent bigtime about suddenly becoming a Yankee, but he was formidable and easy-going and seemed not to have any emotional problems about it... and looked way better as a non-idiot. I'm liking this idea more. Yanks going back to Damon is another in their step-backward pattern. The time for that was when Bernie Williams wasn't welcomed back. I wonder if the Yankee organization is bi-polar?  Esp. now that Rays have got Dave Eiland, the mysteriously-fired NYY pitching coach. What's up with that?