Friday, December 3, 2010


Team revamping makes me anxious. I've developed emotional attachments to certain players in certain positions in certain uniforms in certain cities, surrounded by certain team-mates. It's like a re-org at work. It's like moving to a different time zone. It's like a friend getting married and being less available to you.

Which is one reason I like my fantasy teams, where selections are team-independent. Like when Curtis Granderson was a Tiger and no one knew about him, he anchored teams for me for several years. Ditto Rays. Last year I had 2 teams in the playoffs, this year, only 1 (OUTTA HERE!), which surprisingly was auto-generated, not hand-picked (how else would I have ended up with Miguel Cabrera and Joey Votto?) RAYS RULE, which was over-loaded with Rays, underperformed seriously, like their namesake, because the small ball didn't translate into points for me. Also because I fielded essentially no team on Rays days off.  Dalians, who killed last year, tanked in 2010, but I messed with the lineups constantly, which reminded me that "past performance is no guarantee of future earnings."

An interesting feature of fantasy teams is selecting by "liking" vs "respecting," i.e., picking players you like vs players with great stats or streaky hotness. Liked players do worse, unless they're Longo or Grandyman, or Zorilla. Got Swisher on the Dalians and he really helped... surprised me, in much the same way his fitting in with the Yankees surprised me.

UPDATE 12/9/10:  I may have just answered my own Carl Crawford / Boston dilemma. Support the man, not the team. Ok.

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