Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yes! Yes! Yes! And Yes Again! RAYS RULE!


Rays beat O's, DPrice-is-right's 3-hit shutout, gorgeous, if boring game, 5-0, in which Carlos Pain Ya actually hit a home run, after some Joe Maddon personal batting coaching.   So did the Mighty Carl.

 And, oh yeah, Yankees clinched too. Both teams got T-shirts that said "Playoffs" & "Post-Season" since neither won an actual title. (Did they discontinue the T-shirt that said "WILD CARD" as being too loser-ish??)  Both teams got champagne, which they persist in shooting off from the front of their bodies, which I find rather, umm..., distracting. 
WSJOnline says: "Empty LaBatt Blue beer cans littered the floor in the visiting clubhouse at Rogers Centre. Empty bottles of Henkel champagne piled up in a trash can. And players donned hats that summed up the night's achievement, reading, 'Playoffs 2010.' "
Minneapolis Star-Tribune says:  "There's nothing like it," said Bruce, who repeatedly got doused with bottles of Korbel champagne and 24-ounce cans of beer in the [Phillies] clubhouse.
Always a bit troublesome for me when both my teams clinch, but it's trouble I love. Still, since I can watch every Rays game on TV because I live in FL -- and drive 5 hrs to St. Pete when the spirit is willing -- and can only listen to the Yanks on radio (which is still wonderful), I have a way more visceral connection to TB. Also, younger and cuter and less full of themselves.

Predictions:  Yankees have to go with the 3-man rotation again: CC, Andy, Hughes; the new guy is too new.  Burnett is too fallable; Vasquez already in the pen, with Joba. I just don't think they can sustain, unless the hitters hit all the time.  Rays, on the other hand, have an over-supply of excellent starters: Price, Garza, Shields, Davis, Neiman. Their hitters will have to wake up a bit more, nice if Evan heals properly and in time.  Now, when the Rays get to meet the Phillies... well, the Oswalt- Hamels- Halladay- Blanton- Kendrick gang is still kicking some bigtime butt, so it'll be a fight to the end. Can't wait!
Oops! We did it again!

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