Thursday, September 23, 2010


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Better now. And here's one major reason why. Rocco Baldelli, who basically didn't have a team all summer, caught this nearly-out, completely impossible line drive, not quite over the fence. Gracefully, making it look easy, which it isn't and wasn't. It was his first time in right field all year.  And then he hit a single and got on base. Then he scored. Then he said, "Damn, I used to be really good at this game!" And then he remembered why we all loved him and missed him when he took ill and was traded to the RSox, in that order. 

I vaguely remember being snarky when the Rays got him back.... when?  Looks like July 19th, when I whined, "Not the Big Bat I was hoping for..."  {"But if you try sometimes,... you get what you need..."}  Yeah.  Then they got Hawpe. So. Whine no more...

The other odd bit in the accompanying article was the sly assertion that "there is a sense..." (who exactly?) that a Yankee wild-card might be preferable, so the NYY would probably play first against the Twins -- missing some of their big guns -- instead of Texas, the 2nd surprise team of the year (Jays first), that's been beating everyone, and who especially swept NY bad a couple of weeks ago.  So the Rays, as winners, would get Rangers, who I think they mostly split with, but damage was done. Still, it's fall and it shouldn't be so freaky hot in Arlington. That Hamilton & Murphy, feh.

Price & Sabathia getting to be a real item. Someday, David will be as feared & respected as Goliath. Maybe he already is. I love this guy. Stay strong, stay healthy, dude. You're destined for greatness.

In other notes.... Upton was really good in very many ways, including obviously caring. Didn't miss Pena much. And the two guys who didn't get actual hits, took one for the team to get on base, Sean & Shoppach, I think.  Cannot imagine this team without Crawford and without Soriano. 'Los, though I love him, is replaceable.  Others, no. I wonder what Carl will do. Please, no RSox.

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