Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So here's my idea...

Sell Carlos for mega $ (if still possible... his bubble burst not unlike the housing market) and pay Carl Crawford two salaries & keep CC in TB.

In other news, no one else is mentioning that Upton got messed up when his brother & the Diamondbacks came to town & Mom & the whole family showed up. Whatever sibling rivalry or psychodrama goes along with being an Upton bubbled up from the unconscious & affected his play. He was great at the start of the season, his shoulder more healed this year, then began spiralling down after Justin signed his mega-bucks contract. That Sunday, while everyone was watching the brothers compete, BJ forgot to hustle. This is all psychological. Then the hammy? Yeah, okay, whatever. Zobie seems to be doing fine in center, though BJ at his best could have been another Granderson or Hunter. Stick a fork in, you're done. Gonna miss you, BJ!

Just checked the Rays' active roster and noticed Dioner Navarro is no longer on it. I feel bad, because he was terrific in 2008, hitting & catching & tossing guys at 2nd. Then he lost it. Jaso & Shoppach are a creditble pair... had Shoppach on my Dalians team last year & he did quite well for me. It's so nice not having to change the channel when the catcher bats.

Nice to be back in 2nd place -- need to kill more Sox today.

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