Saturday, July 17, 2010


July 16th

WINNER: Los Pena

This guy cannot hit - his current batting average 0.201 !

Last night he struck-out three time (swing poorly). The last time the bases were loaded with "no" outs and the game tied in top of eight.

MEMO TO JOE: Put Zilla on first base and Joyce in right field.


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RkC said...

HomeRun, I totally agree with you, although Zilla is a fabulous outfielder. Someone who can hit should be batting behind Longo, so they don't just always walk him.

Los is in the Last year of his Rays contract... usually you're on best behavior so the bigbux will come next year, but this performance I think will only land him on a 2nd tier team. CC, I think, wants to be a Yankee, but I'd love to keep him & lose some other losers.

When we saw Rays play Marlins at The Game From Hell, a heckler behind me was yelling how Pena's weight was more than his batting average. Cold!