Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well, a no-hitter is a no-hitter, but still...

I felt the misery of not seeing my guys lay down a chopper to short center, just the one, and the hypnotic draw of a previously kind-of-okay pitcher (who got his post-sesason chops with the Rays in '08) going for the no-no. The announcers didn't mention it, that I heard, till the ninth inning; I'd been hoping that a long at-bat for Arizona would get inside his head on the bench & cool off that crazy throwing arm, but no such luck. The cavalry didn't gallup in. In fact, all their first-pitch swinging is getting on my nerves. Still, the Rays getting no-hit for the second time this season, and once last year seems a bit much. There are way worse teams this should be happening to. And, yes, my 3 fantasy teams, overloaded with Ray-guys, are tanking this week. Still, this guy over at Sports Illustrated thinks it's simply random. I'm not sure the sample he's studying is large enough, but no-hitters are a pretty rare event. Still, twice in a season? Nasty.

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