Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Away we go!

Great start for the Rays on a western road trip, beating Seattle, return of Navvy (who hit), and Burrell, who doesn't. Zobie in center, BJ benched, and Evan... I'm wondering if he can and will out-rod A-Rod in 20 years. Too bad the games end so late...

Update 5/6: Swept Mariners, ended with a shutout. Set new records for run-differentials and won/lost numbers. Team ERA of 2.27; won 4 in a row, now at 20-7, leading both leagues. What a cool team! Too bad no one pays attention to them; they only get on national tv when they play the Yanks or the Sox. Still, I get to see them every night. Gotta go check my fantasy teams... I killed tonight!