Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vazquez Back to Bronx as Cabrera Heads to Braves

Hmm.. Javier Vazquez, Nick Johnson... hey, why not bring back Bernie Williams for LF? 
It'll be like old home week. Not sure why we get rid of them only to bring them back after they succeed with other clubs.  Are they getting seasoned elsewhere?? I don't really get it. Plus if JV screws up at all, the fans will derail him. There is no wiggle room after his Sox series homers to Damon. Oy. It's all just fraught with psychodrama. 
Thing is,  Cashman is looking for next year's gets... for example, who wants to sign Johnny Damon for more than a year when Carl Crawford will be a free agent in 2010?  In fact, danger in raiding the whole Rays team, sooner or later. Not sure Friedman will go for that. 

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just Grand!

Curtis Granderson is a Yankee!! 

What this means, aside from the NYY having a walking, talking, hitting, running, catching centerfielder for a change, is that I no longer have to feel disloyal putting the guy on ALL my fantasy baseball teams! This is great!