Monday, November 2, 2009

Series Game 4: Nailbiter :: up 3-1

Alex got hit in the ribs in the 1st inning. After twice last night. Umps warn everyone, but when Tex gets hit in the 9th, no one says boo. Did anyone think these were unintentional? And why didn't Joba get one of his??

And Mariano's just resting... and then suddenly, he's got to save us!! Again!! In the ninth!! So... he comes in, throws 8 pitches, and .... THHEEE YAAANKEEEES  WINNNNNN! YAY!!


And here he is many moons ago.  Joe Girardi was his catcher, not his manager!
I'd really like them to close it down tomorrow, just get it done already, though it would be so sweet to win at home.

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