Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Evan = Multi-Tooled Gold Glove

Evan Longoria won the 2009 AL Gold Glove Award for 3rd base, only the 2nd Ray to win a Gold Glove (Carlos Peña was first).  Way to go!   (Do they give an award for guys most hit by pitchers during the season? Probably Evan & Peña again...)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rays Keep their own CC

Rays exercise their option on Carl Crawford.  Bill Chastain writes: 

Crawford, 28, is the longest-tenured player in Rays history and the club's all-time leader in hits, at-bats, runs, stolen bases, triples, games played and RBIs. Last season he hit .305 -- his fourth season batting .300 or better -- with 15 home runs, 68 RBIs, 96 runs scored and a career-high and club-record 60 stolen bases.
An eight-year veteran, Crawford ranks fourth among active players with 362 career stolen bases and ranks third with 92 triples. Through his first 1,000 games he totaled 341 stolen bases and 87 triples -- numbers matched only by Hall of Famer Ty Cobb through 1,000 games.
In addition, the talented Rays left fielder won the Most Valuable Player Award for the 2009 All-Star Game after making a game-saving catch; now he has also won the 2009 Fielding Bible Award for left field in The Bill James Handbook 2010. This is Crawford's third Fielding Bible Award.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Top Ten World Series Winners and Losers

Nicely done, Lisa Swan, but I'd hedge more on Mark Teixeira because his all-season and especially post-season defense often won games.

Usually, after one of his stupendous catches, I'd say to John, "I never saw Jason Giambi make that play." And he'd say, "Hell, I never even saw Doug Mientkiewicz make that play!" And then we'd both laugh hysterically, because Mark Teixeira could make that play and now he was a Yankee.

Go on, smile, you guys -- you earned it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rays Make a Move

Bye, Akinori Iwamora!  You were a great player and will be again, but your injury allowed Zobrist to shine so brightly... and you didn't come back great enough. Good luck in Pittsburgh where you'll be the grand old man.

Topkin in Tampa writes:

...reliever Jesse Chavez, 26, a right-hander who made a major-league rookie-high 73 appearances for the Pirates last season, going 1-4 with a 4.01 ERA. He has a live arm, Rays executive vice president Andrew Friedman said, and a high upside. "He's got some swing-and-miss stuff," Friedman said. "And now it's about trying to harness it and have it play that way at the major-league level." The Rays wouldn't have gotten anything, and would have had to pay a $550,000 buyout, if they declined the option by the one-day-after-the-World-Series deadline, and Iwamura would have become a free agent. But the Pirates, who have been scouting him since September, wanted him badly enough to offer Chavez, who has minor-league options left and is under the Rays control through 2014. "It's tough to give up a guy like Jesse Chavez," Pirates GM Neal Huntington told Pittsburgh media. "But as we've talked about before, the bullpen is the most difficult to predict future performances."

Iwamura, 30, was a key player for the Rays for three seasons and made the most memorable play in club history, touching second for the final out in Game 7 of the 2008 ALCS. With Ben Zobrist, Sean Rodriguez and Reid Brignac available to play second and Evan Longoria entrenched at third, they no longer had use for him. "It's tough to put into words what Aki's meant to this organization," Friedman said.

See you on my fantasy team, guy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Series Game 5: Awwww : up 3-2

Lee had it again and Burnett didn't. Buh-bye.

 Everyone changed their strategy and got some hits.

Especially this guy.

Oh, no! Not again!  Mother Nature doesn't like it when you break Reggie Jackson records....Can't really fault him though.... I got him on as many of my fantasy teams as I could cause he's so great. And... his name is a sentence. So.
Too bad about another game. We'll just have to win it. Go, Yankees!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Series Game 4: Nailbiter :: up 3-1

Alex got hit in the ribs in the 1st inning. After twice last night. Umps warn everyone, but when Tex gets hit in the 9th, no one says boo. Did anyone think these were unintentional? And why didn't Joba get one of his??

And Mariano's just resting... and then suddenly, he's got to save us!! Again!! In the ninth!! So... he comes in, throws 8 pitches, and .... THHEEE YAAANKEEEES  WINNNNNN! YAY!!


And here he is many moons ago.  Joe Girardi was his catcher, not his manager!
I'd really like them to close it down tomorrow, just get it done already, though it would be so sweet to win at home.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Series Game 3: Reign Game :: up 2-1

Andy's terrific game. Rare to see him walk in a run. But then he pulled it together and pitched with a mission.

He seemed sincere after the game when he said the rain delay affected him. Said he'd been all warmed up and in a good place and ready, and then had to wait over an hour. 

Alex's hit hit a camera. Insane to leave an unused piece of equipment hanging over the right-field fence. Odds are insane of it being hit by a ball, but it was and there you are. And here. At least the umpires went to take a look at what happened. The replay wasn't so disruptive or time-consuming. How about implementing it to help out these old, fat, incompetent umpires (more white men).

Dear Mr. Selig:
I have a couple of things to say to you.   First, from Wikipedia: They love you, BUD FROM MILWAUKEE, the baseball owners love you, that must mean you've lined their pockets. Check out that list of cities with new stadiums since you've been in charge... we know who's paying for many of them. This interminable post-season play, I have to say I'm with Sciosia (and many other commentators) here... 
"Selig's decision to extend the traditional post-season schedule into November in an attempt to increase Nielsen ratings was met with widespread disdain, both inside and outside the baseball community.  Mike Sciosia, manager of the American League West Division Champion Los Angeles Angels, dismissed the decision as “Ridiculous. I don’t know. Can I say it any clearer than that? We should have never had a day off last Wednesday. We should never have three days off after the season. You shouldn’t even have two days off after the season."
Why are there no Series games on weekend afternoons? Don't you want children to grow up watching baseball's biggest games? It's appalling that tv schedules, football schedules -- in essence high-revenue timeslots -- dictate what time the first pitch is thrown. And you're wondering why viewership is down? Because when you can't see the replay because it's being hidden by a beer ad -- like a pop-up on your screen, it's obvious that what's important is selling, not playing. 

  • There is no reason for baseball in November. 
  • There is no reason for games to end at 1:20 AM because you had an 80 minute rain delay for a 8 pm start. 
  • There is no reason for games to be played in sub-freezing weather. Baseball is a summer game, a daylight game, a family game, a once-affordable enjoyable game.
  • There is no real need for the World Baseball "Classic." Don't put it in the middle of spring training when they need spring training and it pushes back the season. Don't put it in the middle at the All-Star Break where it creates a huge distraction.  Oh, wait! How about this -- Right after the season ends, if your team is not in any of the interminable post-season playoffs and you still have your spikes & your uniforms, go play in the WBC. This will stave off football for a couple of weeks, engage the non-natives, and extend the season for the losers. And it won't disrupt the regular season. So lose this loser idea.
  • You're going to need replays. Your umpires just aren't good enough anymore. How about a mandatory retirement age? How about hiring younger people (women, even??) who can see and are lithe enough to run to see a play happen.  You do have eye & ear tests, right? And weigh-ins?  How about computer brush-ups.... you make the call type of games. And what about tracking everyone's bad calls during the season and if an ump hits a threshold, he's .... what? fired? suspended? out of the post-season? sent down to the minors? Just fix it.  Or we'll start to think the fix is in. Some of us already do.

Ugh. Just another thing else that used to be fun and now is monetized and controlled by rich white men.