Sunday, November 1, 2009

Series Game 3: Reign Game :: up 2-1

Andy's terrific game. Rare to see him walk in a run. But then he pulled it together and pitched with a mission.

He seemed sincere after the game when he said the rain delay affected him. Said he'd been all warmed up and in a good place and ready, and then had to wait over an hour. 

Alex's hit hit a camera. Insane to leave an unused piece of equipment hanging over the right-field fence. Odds are insane of it being hit by a ball, but it was and there you are. And here. At least the umpires went to take a look at what happened. The replay wasn't so disruptive or time-consuming. How about implementing it to help out these old, fat, incompetent umpires (more white men).

Dear Mr. Selig:
I have a couple of things to say to you.   First, from Wikipedia: They love you, BUD FROM MILWAUKEE, the baseball owners love you, that must mean you've lined their pockets. Check out that list of cities with new stadiums since you've been in charge... we know who's paying for many of them. This interminable post-season play, I have to say I'm with Sciosia (and many other commentators) here... 
"Selig's decision to extend the traditional post-season schedule into November in an attempt to increase Nielsen ratings was met with widespread disdain, both inside and outside the baseball community.  Mike Sciosia, manager of the American League West Division Champion Los Angeles Angels, dismissed the decision as “Ridiculous. I don’t know. Can I say it any clearer than that? We should have never had a day off last Wednesday. We should never have three days off after the season. You shouldn’t even have two days off after the season."
Why are there no Series games on weekend afternoons? Don't you want children to grow up watching baseball's biggest games? It's appalling that tv schedules, football schedules -- in essence high-revenue timeslots -- dictate what time the first pitch is thrown. And you're wondering why viewership is down? Because when you can't see the replay because it's being hidden by a beer ad -- like a pop-up on your screen, it's obvious that what's important is selling, not playing. 

  • There is no reason for baseball in November. 
  • There is no reason for games to end at 1:20 AM because you had an 80 minute rain delay for a 8 pm start. 
  • There is no reason for games to be played in sub-freezing weather. Baseball is a summer game, a daylight game, a family game, a once-affordable enjoyable game.
  • There is no real need for the World Baseball "Classic." Don't put it in the middle of spring training when they need spring training and it pushes back the season. Don't put it in the middle at the All-Star Break where it creates a huge distraction.  Oh, wait! How about this -- Right after the season ends, if your team is not in any of the interminable post-season playoffs and you still have your spikes & your uniforms, go play in the WBC. This will stave off football for a couple of weeks, engage the non-natives, and extend the season for the losers. And it won't disrupt the regular season. So lose this loser idea.
  • You're going to need replays. Your umpires just aren't good enough anymore. How about a mandatory retirement age? How about hiring younger people (women, even??) who can see and are lithe enough to run to see a play happen.  You do have eye & ear tests, right? And weigh-ins?  How about computer brush-ups.... you make the call type of games. And what about tracking everyone's bad calls during the season and if an ump hits a threshold, he's .... what? fired? suspended? out of the post-season? sent down to the minors? Just fix it.  Or we'll start to think the fix is in. Some of us already do.

Ugh. Just another thing else that used to be fun and now is monetized and controlled by rich white men. 

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