Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ALCS, old CC, new Alex, old Derek, 3-1 good guys

Q: Why would you ever want to bat against C.C. Sabathia?

A: Because you have to.

I like having confidence in my pitcher. Never having thrown, I can't imagine what fresh hell it must be trying to get movement, hit spots, & psych out. To me, it seems hard. I keep thinking about what kind of highly developed prorioperceptive system someone like CC's got. To be able to count on the ball going right to where you planned to throw it is nothing short of amazing. I wonder if visualization plays a part here.

Anyway, he was great, the umpires sucked, the NYYs were a bit loosey-goosey, but offensive nonetheless. Jeter tagged stealing, Posada sneaking second.... nice. The Melkman came to play, Alex continued actualizing his potential and the new first-baseman continued to impress.

The Cowherd says umpires are old & in a union, so nothing can be done.  Something can be done and should be done. The outcomes of these games could easily have been affected by this ineffectual reffing. How about every time they blow a call -- other than balls and strikes -- that stands and is shown to be wrong, they get a point or written up, or scored, in some way. Then, you either set a number or a percentage (10%?) of calls you can get wrong per season, and when you exceed it, you get fired, or sent down, or retrained, or retested, or made to play 100 hours of "You Make the Call!" until they get a perfect score. In the meantime, you let the top 32 umps go to the post-season, and you pick teams & positions out of a hat. And keep scoring them, so that only the top ones continue on to succeeding playoffs.  Oh, yeah, and test their eyes & their hearing & make them go on diets.  My 2c.

So, another great game. One more tomorrow. Then off for a week, to play into winter. Ach.

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