Monday, October 19, 2009

ALCS, new Alex, old Derek, 2-1 good guys

Risk vs reward. If Gardner doesn't get picked off, Posada's HR scores two.

Joba looked a little nonchalant to me. I'm sure he wasn't, but he needed to pitch better. One of many, it turns out.

Too many pitchers.  With Robertson, he had a good one going,  already warmed up & psyched up, too much changing tonight. I think we coulda won.

A couple of years ago, I was desperate for Torre to leave because he was so (seemingly) hands-off as a manager... he let the guys win. But when they couldn't anymore and needed some guidance, it seemed like shaking up the batting order was all he'd do.

Now, Girardi's going by the book micro-managing is obviously successful over the long haul (plus CC, Tex, & AJ) this season, yet still there's the hmm... how to say? ... call it "on the field reality," which might benefit from a little more watchful waiting. Though I like making the changes on the fly... Joe Maddon does this also, usually to good effect.  (I do wonder what the players think of it.)

A secondary benefit to using your whole bullpen every game is that no one is over-used, mental states may be more focused, and you may feel more involved. Also, they maintain physical mechanics, not getting rusty at an inopportune moment.

On the other hand, Mariano Rivera is {enter your superlative here}. Tonight I'll go with "1st round Hall of Famer".... John Sterling thinks it could be unanimous, which apparently never happens. (I watch on the game mute on, and listen to the NYC radio call -- thanks, 760 AM!) This guy....

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