Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The pre-Post-season...

Hmmm... I guess that means it's still the baseball season.

Post-season starts next week and I can't believe they gave sold broadcast rights to the four 5-game divisional playoffs to TBS.  This is a cable station. People who don't have cable or dish or whatever, can't just turn on their TVs (assuming they've got the old converter box) and watch baseball playoffs. This is so stupid and exclusive, I can't believe it.

I hate playoffs. The World Series will end in early November. It will have already snowed in Minneapolis, perhaps in Boston, too. It's not a winter game. You can't find anybody on sports radio in SoFla who's still talking about baseball. Not even the Marlins, certainly not the Rays. It's all football, all the time, now basketball, even hockey is rearing its ugly head.

Luckily for me, two of my 5 fantasy teams are still alive... and looking strong:  OUTTA HERE! and Ray RAYS are both still standing.  Tough to decide on my roster this week as I'm over-weighted in Rays and they're out of contention.  Still I decided to go home with the guys who brought me... Longo, Zobie, CC, JB.  Thought they'd still be playing for pride & averages, not to mention Rays vs Yanks for the last 3 games of the season.  I like that match-up because one of my teams is sure to win! Still, when they play, I often find myself rooting for Rays.... underdogs, it would seem, but also young guys playing high-quality ball for low-quality money & respect.

In other great news, Adam Lind of the Blue Jays hit 3, yes 3 home-runs against Boston last night. He's playing against my Ray RAYS team, so his 21 points may kill me -- but 3-for-4 with four RBIs in Toronto's 8-7 win over Boston. He got two off Clay Buchholz and the third off Takashi Saito. When he got up in the ninth, Papelbon hit him hard on the elbow with his first pitch, the chicken way to pitch a guy with a hot bat. Clinched because Texas lost to Angels.

Loser Sox.
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