Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baseball season '09 is winding down

but at least the Yanks have clinched something. Not sure this is their year, though.... Torre's Dodgers may have an extra bit of vengefulness....

Rays end with a whimper, not a bang, although they wear their brave faces and try to salvage the endgame. Even Upton found his swing, with only 2 weeks left to use it. I hope this is sophomore slump, because there is so much good on this team only Floridians can watch regularly.  When we were in St. Pete a few weeks ago, I couldn't decide whose name I'd wear on my jersey, so I didn't buy one. Now I know it would be  ** ZOBRIST *the go-to guy for what you need.

Four of my 5 fantasy teams have made the playoffs, but Tampa's plunge has not helped my fortunes much. Interestingly, I learned much about managing, scheduling, and psyching-out from fielding 5 teams each week. Also, when points are doled out, you really know who's slumping or swinging.  Dalians, Nu D`Alians, Outta There! and Ray Rays are still standing, but I don't expect much (kind of like the Yankees).  Interesting watching my own online competitiveness, since I figure I'm playing against males 18-34.

In other news, just learned that Gabe Kapler is, but Gabe Gross isn't.

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