Monday, September 7, 2009

Baseball for Girls

I've been meaning to write this as a column for years; I'd better start before the '09 season is over.

     Which it may be for my dear Rays. 'los got 2 fingers busted by a Sabathia pitch that jumped off the bat & is out for the rest of the season. Just when he'd figured out how to hit... and the ump said he went around, so he didn't even get the ball call. Insult to injury, literally. 

     Gotta be a morale buster for the guys. Along with some other setbacks... like not having the same season they had last year and trading Kazmir just when they maybe needed him most... and Pat Burrell being the anti-DH. Need to have the RSox & Rangers melt down before this boat comes in. Zobie, they hardly knew ye!  My MVP...

Now the Yankees, on the other hand, are not such a huge embarrassment in my life this year. Happy for Joe Girardi, that he showed what he could do in NY, however he did it. Of course, it's true, throwing money at problem positions is always fun (except for Pat Burrell, who has National League disease).

Jeter's closing in on an amazing record, everyone is bringing something to the table, and the WSox are beating up on the RSox. Not sure if Bombers can beat Angels or Cards... or the obvious grudge match to come with Torre's Dodgers (think... "overcome with ambivalence"). Perhaps one more Series win for old George. 

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